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Welcome to River Road Veterinary Hospital

Compassionate and Personal Veterinary Care

Our veterinary team’s primary focus is to provide exceptional medical and surgical care for cats, dogs and exotic pets. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the special role your pets play in your family and we treat them as we would our own.

As a smaller practice, we are able to provide the personal attention to the unique concerns of each pet owner. We feel that the bond that develops between the veterinarian and pet parent is important to your pet's health and work to foster this relationship by providing a friendly atmosphere where you will know the veterinarian caring for your pet and still have the benefits of a new, modern, state of the art facility.

RRVH was founded by two local veterinarians, Drs. Tracie and George Fountas, who believe that a collaborative style of veterinary practice provides the best care for your pets. By routinely utilizing the expertise of specialists, including radiologists, internists, cardiologists and our board certified surgeon on a visiting basis, rather then permanent staffing, we are able to provide advanced medicine and surgery at a competitive price in a familiar setting. This may include having our board certified surgeon visit the hospital to complete advanced surgery, the cardiologist visit to perform an echocardiogram or our radiologist evaluating your pets radiographs.

Feel free to browse our website and learn more about us. See you soon!

Medical and Surgical Services
Advanced care while still providing personal attention by a caring team.

Our advanced technologies allow us to diagnose issues quickly to keep pets healthy.

Preventative care is the best medicine. We will discuss the best plan for your pet to live a long and healthy life.

Gustopher's Pet Boutique
We believe that keeping your pet not only physically active, but mentally stimulated, is important for overall health.

Meet your Veterinary Team

Dr. Tracie (Rundle) Fountas has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1999. The most rewarding part of her career is experiencing the bond between her clients and their pets. To her, being a vet is about more than just medicine and surgery, it is about family. Building that relationship is so important to her, and she knows that to do so, she must go above and beyond what medicine can provide. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada she relocated to Prince Edward Island and earned her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from The Atlantic Veterinary College with honors. Following graduation she moved to Massachusetts and worked at 2 multi doctor practices. Next, she accepted a chief of staff position at a corporate hospital in New Hampshire before opening River Road Veterinary Hospital in 2008. She has been members of both American Veterinary Association and The Veterinary Information Network since 1999. Drs. Fountas have 4 dogs. BoBo, a Miniature Dachshund rescue, now 9 and the inspiration for our hospital logo. Ehlers, an American foxhound cross from Alabama, is 7 yrs old. Bromley and Brix ,a miniature Dachshund and Weimaraner respectively, are both 2 years of age. When she is not working with pets she enjoys gardening, cooking, woodworking and photography.

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Dr. Tracie Fountas
Owner / Veterinarian

Dr. George Fountas is a New England native where he earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University School in 1996. He has worked at multi doctor hospitals in both Andover and North Andover, as well as being Chief of Staff at a corporately owned hospital in New Hampshire. His dedication to compassionate veterinary medicine is why he was one of the driving forces behind opening River Road Veterinary Hospital in 2008.

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Dr. George Fountas
Owner / Veterinarian

Dr. Geoff Clark is a board certified surgeon who routinely visits our hospital as needed, to preform orthopedic and complicated soft tissue surgeries. He completed his undergraduate work at University California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. Then, after completing his residency at Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine and passing the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) examinations, he worked as staff surgeon at 2 veterinary hospitals until 1999 when he started Veterinary Surgery of New England, a mobile surgical referral practiced now based in Dover, NH. He has provided on site orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries for over 100 veterinary hospitals in NH, MA and ME. In addition he has published numerous scientific papers on a variety of surgical topics, been a contributing author to four veterinary textbooks and has been an invited speaker at more than 70 veterinary meetings. Dr Clark resides in Durham NH with his wife Mary and teenage daughters Olivia and Juliet. Their home is shared with 2 cats named Simba and Apollo, an English Setter, Willow, yellow lab, Mabel, and Francis the wonder pug.

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Dr. Geoffrey Clark
Board Certified Surgeon

Michelle graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2003 receiving her Certified Veterinary Technician degree.

Michelle Lovell, CVT
Practice Manager

Julie joined our team in early 2013. She attended North Shore Community College and graduated with her Veterinary Technician Degree. She shares her home in Salem with her 3 pets, Sasha, Indy and Jessie. In her free time she is a water sports enthusiast.

Julie Ratte
Pet Nurse Director

Kiley graduated with her associates degree in veterinary technician degree and animal science.

Kiley Hunt
Pet Nurse

Nicolette joined the RRVH family in 2017 bringing with her 2 years of prior animal hospital and veterinary experience. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences from the University of Bridgeport in 2015. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors and with her family and 3 yr old Yorkiepoo, Ellie.

Nicolette Moriarty
Pet Nurse Assistant

Angela joined our team in 2018 and can be found both working at the front desk and also as a PNA. Angela comes from a background full of customer service experience. Looking for a change, she became self-employed as a pet sitter and the rest was history; she knew from then on that she wanted to build a career working with animals, leading her to RRVH. Angela has three pets of her own, a dog named Jacob and two cats, Beau and Bella. In her free time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time at the beach.

Angela Estes
Pet Nurse Assistant / Client Service Representative

Alexis started working as a client services representative in 2016 and her shining personality has been welcoming clients and pets ever since. She shares her home with her family and her 2 dogs. Her hobbies include.

Alexis Colon
Client Service Representative

Sam joined our team in 2017 bringing with her 6 years of veterinary client service experience.

Sam Hubbard
Client Service Representative

Sarah joined our team in 2017 bringing with her 10 years of veterinary client service experience.

Sarah Mc Carthy
Client Service Representative

Our Services

River Road Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital complete with onsite pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, surgery and dental suites. Here is some additional information about the services we offer.

Comprehensive Exams

Dogs and cats should have a comprehensive health exam at least annually, and ideally every 6 months, as recommended by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). Preventive care is the best medicine and bi annual exams allow us to not only have an accurate baseline, but also detect and treat serious issues earlier in their development. In addition to cardiovascular, respiratory, oral, musculoskeletal, abdominal, coat and skin examinations, our comprehensive exam/ consultation also include routine otic and ophthalmic evaluations.

Pediatric Visits

Puppies and kittens mature quickly and should be examined every 3-4 weeks since they are in a rapid phase of development. We will also discuss nutritional needs for pediatric pets, benefits of spaying/ neutering, microchipping, deworming for intestinal parasites, heartworm / flea and tick prevention and behavioral/ training.

Senior Care

Improved pet diets and progressive veterinary care allow our pets to live longer and healthier lives. Bi annual exams aid in early detection of many diseases to allow treatment to be started sooner. This means that senior pets (seven years old and older), just like their human counterparts, require special attention and a different approach to health care. Joint pain, diabetes, urinary disorders, weight management issues, dental health issues and thyroid disorders are some typical senior pet health issues that we address in order to provide the highest quality of life as possible.


The doctors at RRVH perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries including neuters, spays, mass removals, splenectomys and cystotomys. We have a visiting board certified surgeon that perform orthopedic procedures and other specialized surgeries. Our modern surgical suite is equipped with the latest in veterinary monitoring systems including ECG, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Every patient is different and therefore a safe individualized anesthetic and pain management plan is determined for each pet undergoing surgery. Additional safety protocols include full blood screening and IV catheter placement is mandatory for all pets to be anesthetized.


Healthy teeth and gums are essential to your pet's quality of life. Our dental services include a routine exam, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing, charting, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery. Not only can oral disease cause serious pain, but also may lead to the spread of harmful bacteria to your pet's heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.


Our hospital maintains an in-house diagnostics laboratory as well as has twice daily courier service to a commercial lab for specialized tests. This is valuable because it means that you don’t have to wait for important lab results, losing (possibly critical) time in the process.


We believe in doing a risk assessment for each pet before deciding on appropriate vaccinations. This means vaccines are recommended based on your pet's lifestyle. We will complete a physical exam to ensure your pet is healthy and able to receive vaccinations.


We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets.


Millions of dogs and cats get lost every year. Pets who are microchipped are returned home at a much greater frequency than pets that aren’t microchipped. The procedure itself is very simple – we inject the microchip (which is about the size of a grain of rice) into the loose folds between your pet’s shoulder blades. Virtually every veterinary hospital and animal shelter has a microchip scanner, meaning that if your pet is ever lost/ found you will be able to be reunited. Unlike collars, which are often lost when pets run away, a microchip is permanent identification in case your pet runs away.

Nutritional Counseling

Expert nutritional advice is also important in aiding the treatment of various health issues. We are medically educated in pet nutrition and can counsel you in appropriate dietary requirements of growing pets as well as a nutritional regiment that enhances mobility or improves weight loss. Our hospital stocks the highest quality veterinary regulated pet foods to suit any pet’s health and dietary needs.


If you are planning to travel with your pet to another country you will need to meet certain pet health criteria of the country you’re going to. We will examine your pet and provide any appropriate travel documents. Both Drs. Fountas have additional certifications and are USDA certified allowing them to sign international health certificates.


The decision to euthanize is difficult even to imagine, but sometimes it is the most noble act of compassion that we can do for our beloved pets. Please know that this decision is always yours, and we will be there to educate you about your pet’s quality of life and prognosis of their condition. If you decide that this is the right decision for your pet, please know that we will make sure it is a private, compassionate and gentle goodbye for your companion.


Overall Experience
My beloved golden-doodle had a mass on side that we very worried about. Dr. Tracie and her team took such good care of my dog while providing expert advice and professional support along the way. My dog is in great shape now and I can't thank Tracie and her team enough. In addition, they were mindful of the costs and made sure to be upfront and transparent before doing anything. The bottom line is that the staff at the River Road Veterinary Hospital is so caring, professional and respectful. I could not recommend them highly enough! Oh, also, I live in NYC and travel all the way to Andover, MA, to visit Dr. Tracie! Yes, she is THAT good! I enthusiastically recommend this vet.
Eric S.
Overall experience
Amazing place to take your pets. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I feel like I'm getting the best care for our kitten and that we're part of the River Road Family. Thank you!
Megan Abad.
Overall experience
Dr. George is amazing! He's been so helpful and informative when it comes to diagnosing and treating my cat. He personally calls to check up on him. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you for caring for my little man the way we do. Thank you to the entire staff who's always been so helpful and friendly.
Lyndsay M.
Our extended family
I can not say enough good things about River Road--I literally have to drag my dogs out of there! With three dogs we spend a lot of time at the vet, so it was important for us to find someone we trust. Dr. Tracie Fountas, Dr. George Fountas and their team are incredible. Patients are greeted by name and given pats and love as soon as they enter the doors. Families are almost immediately shown into an exam room (no added stress of waiting in an overcrowded waiting area with other animals). We are always given a price quote up front and never have to deal with hidden charges. When one of our dogs has needed more than just a routine exam Dr. Tracie (our primary vet) has always walked us through our options and has had a real conversation about the best way to proceed--starting with the least invasive (and usually least expensive) tests whenever possible. When one of our newest rescue dogs was having trouble with separation anxiety, we were told to come right in (even though it was Christmas Eve) and talk to Dr. George so we didn't have to wait until after the holidays. From the client service team to the nursing staff and the doctors--everyone is friendly, knowledgable, and passionate about what they do. We switched to River Road from a larger, impersonal veterinary hospital five years ago and could not be happier with our decision! Dr. Tracie, Michelle, and Julie feel like part of our extended family.
Sarah B.